Class SubjectList

Class Documentation

class SubjectList

A collection of subjects.

Public Functions

inline SubjectList()
inline SubjectList(const SubjectList &other)
inline virtual ~SubjectList()
inline Subject *addSubject(std::string name, void *ref = nullptr)
inline Subject *findSubject(const std::string &name)
inline void update()
inline size_t size()
inline std::vector<Subject*>::iterator begin()
inline std::vector<Subject*>::iterator end()
inline Subject *operator[](int ref)
int Serialize(std::vector<char> &outbuf, double timestamp = 0.0)

Encode all of the items in the subject list as binary data.

int SerializeUpdate(std::vector<char> &outbuf, double timestamp = 0.0)
void Parse(const char *data, size_t len, TransformBuilder* = nullptr)

Populate or update the subject list with the binary data provided (created by Serialize)

void ParseSubject(const O3DS::Data::Subject*, TransformBuilder* = nullptr)
void ParseUpdate(const O3DS::Data::SubjectUpdate*, TransformBuilder* = nullptr)

Public Members

std::vector<Subject*> mItems
double mTime